MindCap is a niche consulting firm that provides the best of advisory and investment banking services to turn your business vision into reality. Our strength lies in providing key strategic inputs to your business in an advisory capacity and also enabling your firm to gather the requisite capital to realize these inputs. MindCap brings a multi-pronged advantage to your business given its wealth of experience, insight and its team of experts.

MindCapís core offerings are in two areas of business:

Advisory Services

MindCap provides niche and strategic advisory services at various stages of business.

1. Indo-Africa centric services:

MindCap is an expert when it comes to Indo - Africa Business ventures and Strategy. The geographical focus areas where we excel are Sub Saharan Africa and the South African region.

With our Africa-centered advisory services we focus on: 
a.Entry strategy into Africa,
b.Business Develpment -
c.Raising local debt and structuring financial SPV's
d.Building strong relationships with Local banks.

The key verticals where MindCapís expertises lie are:
a.Infrastructure (Transport and Power)
c.Agriculture and related services.  

2.  SME's -
MindCap provides expert consulting services for business development and strategy outlay for higher growth and profits working closely with the Entrepreneur.

Investment Banking

MindCap investment banking services are focused on providing capital for ventures as well as Angel Funding for various new Indian Businesses. MindCap specializes in raising the right kind of equity for your business from Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists or strategic investors. Our Investment banking arm also carries out the following functions:

1.Local debt building capacity in Sub Saharan Africa including Frankophone counteries.
2.Commercial long term debt for companies in Nigeria.

MindCap also provides the following investment banking services:

1. Equity syndication
2. Debt Syndication by local and international banks
3. Venture Capital raise for early stage companies.
4. Cross border Merger/Acquisition advisory
5. Issuance Corporate Commercial Paper - Nigeria

To know how Mindcap can add value to your business and ideas, simply drop us an email at mailus@mind-cap.com
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